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Cary Tamura, Mike Sankari Gotham Rocks - photo by guitarkadia

Concert Promotion & Showcase Series

Four years ago, Cary Tamura and Mike Sankari, addressed the growing need for a new vision promoter in the NY scene, who would take the initiative to create an environment solely based on the agenda of nurturing rising talent. With little more than sweat, energy, and a belief that a frayed scene could be re-energized, the duo set out to forge a stage for bigger and better shows for deserving, hardworking and talented bands in and around New York. The initial vision to create a showcase environment exposing bands to music industry, media, new fans and other great acts in the region has delivered a new scene for New York City. A community counting tens of thousands has emerged, and with each passing month, continues to grow.

Tech-9 Music (Gotham Rocks / No Mercy Metal) has become a rock and metal powerhouse, wherein they stage over 60 shows a year. Prestigious venues including the Gramercy Theater, Highline Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Crash Mansion, Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ) and many others are all housing branded productions. The company continues to explore viable avenues to create opportunities for talent outside of the five boroughs, with footholds in Long Island, New Jersey via their alliance with Great Adventure, and other regions currently being explored. Outside of talent based in the New York area, bands from California, Kentucky, Florida, Japan and others are amongst the hundreds who have enjoyed the benefits of the concert series.

As an incubator for talent, the undertaking has a significant altruistic side. Thousands of dollars has been raised alongside significant awareness for local non-profits like The Door, Tuesday’s Children and Lifebeat. Both Gotham Rocks and No Mercy Metal share a mission statement to promote environmental responsibility working with Green Mountain Energy – a renewable energy utilities option for residents in NYC. Endorsements and sponsor support has been received from instrument, clothing and drink companies, some of which include Budweiser, DR Strings, Korg, Krank Amplification, Marshall Amplification, San Miguel Beer, Spector Guitars and Basses, and others.

Simply put, we feel there is a void in the modern/hard rock world of a blog devoted solely to this genre of music. Since we spend all day, everyday talking about bands we love, music we listen to and shows we go crazy at, it was a very easy and logical progression for us to start writing about it and sharing those experiences with you. We have devoted the News, Reviews and Videos sections of GothamRocks.net to connecting with you, the modern and hard rock music fan.


I am a fan of rock & metal, what’s so special about Gotham Rocks anyway?
We’re glad you asked. We handpick every act that we have at our showcase. Between us and our network of booking agents, we have seen every band live beforehand, so we know that they can deliver a great show.

I represent a company that wants to reach modern rock bands and their fans, why should I choose to partner with Gotham Rocks?
Excellent question. One of our main goals is to introduce everyone involved with modern rock to each other. Whether it be a band, a company or a fan, everyone stands to benefit from working together. We are in a unique position to offer fans up-and-coming music and the excitement that comes with it. You stand to benefit from this when you partner with us. Some quick facts:

  • Over 60 New York City Gotham Rocks shows and showcases a year with approximately 150 bands booked and over 8,000 fans in long-lasting, immersive concert experiences.
  • Regional showcases in Long Island, NJ, MA, PA, RI including all-ages shows at Six Flags, Great Adventure in NJ engaging thousands of rock music fans and making real-world impressions on tens of thousands of people.
  • Terrestrial and internet radio features, plugs, interviews and commercials.
  • Websites and web content— social networking, podcasts, videos, blogs and ads. Free, promotional Compilation CDs -Street Teaming– distributing CDs, flyers and posters.
  • Television ads and shows.
  • Word of mouth promotion from participating Gotham Rocks Showcase bands, music industry and hardcore fans.