Books Every Artist Should Read

Here are a few books to read on your next road trip to get you take your band to the next level.

All you need to know about the music business, Donald Passman
Don Passman is not kidding with this title.  It’s all here.  Keeping the band together, copyright info, mechanical royalties, performance royalties…It’s a lot of info and on the dense side but it’s info that is crucial to your business success.

Rockin’ in the New World: Taking Your Band from the Basement to the Big Time, Bob Tulipan
Bob has been in the music business since the 70s.  He’s promoted acts like The Stones, Scorpions and a host of other names, big and small.  He has produced many, many shows and festivals which is why we like him.   He puts it all on the table in this book.  Getting gigs, what to send to the club in advance, both from a promotional standpoint as well as production info.  Well worth the read.  And did we mention, we’re quoted in here?

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, Seth Godin
Seth is a brilliant marketer.  This book is not about the music business per se but the ideas presented certainly are.  He keeps them simple and very easy to execute.  I guarantee the light bulb will go off at least a few times.  Put the book down each time that happens, get the idea executed and then come back.

Rock Star 101: A Rock Star’s Guide to Survival and Success in the Music Business, Marc Ferrari
Marc is an artist that has been around the block.  This book is a very quick and easy read and that’s why I recommend it.  Think of it as a light version of Donald Passman’s book above.  You can get through it in a few hours and it’ll put you in the right mindset business-wise.

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