Charetta Knocks The “Lights Out” With Their EP

The 5 piece Charetta come at you hard with their newest EP titled A Nation Distracted. Brief and to the point, the group’s twin guitars rev up an Intro before going to the EP namesake, “Distraction”. Lyrically the song isn’t much, but the grooving guitars make the hips swivel and the head bang. The centerpiece here is also the best song the group has produced titled “Lights Out”.

“Lights Out” takes what Charetta does best (chunky guitars) and amps up the arena rock levels, while frontwoman Angelina DelCarmen puts forth her most complete vocal while not “believing in love anymore.” The guitar solo and accompanying drum build echoes massively as the band builds to the climax. A powerful track that buoys the whole EP.

“Fighting Blind” finds the band a bit sluggish as the band plays on the darkside of things, but Charetta finds more success when they play anthemic. “Bully” is a track that grabs the ear, with DelCarmen adding some falsetto rises vocally and the band flirting into power ballad territory.  However, Charetta manages to rescue things before they drift off into pop-land.

The New York City group has a solid formula, and with powerful hard rock hits like “Lights Out,” only more should be expected from them in the future.

Posted by ShawnDonohue | Reviews