Eye Empire Owns New York City With Their Latest Performance

On June 7th, 2012, Sullivan Hall in New York City was taken over by Gotham Rocks’ first national tour. Jam packed with six bands, the night was full of energy, intensity, and everything one could ask for in a rock show – and more!

Atom Strange was the first band of the night who started things off with an aggressive mix of modern & classic rock. They performed well, being tight musically and throwing in some energy in their live show. The singer wasn’t as animated as the rest of his counterparts and seemed to hold back a little (later he admitted he was suffering from larengytis), which was a shame because he has a good voice. Nonetheless, they warmed up the crowd for the guys from NJ: Scarlet Carson.

The brothers from another motherland came out and rocked the joint with their melodic take on rock & roll. The vocals were a little rough and the performance wasn’t extremely tight but the strength of their performance was definitely the music itself which had many catchy moments. Their energy was also quite high, making their set enjoyable and compelled me to grab another drink in the name of rock & roll.

The following act was Medusa Scare, who was just as scary as their band name suggested. Musically they are reminiscent of Motörhead and some old-school punk. Their stage show was similar to Alice Cooper without the spectacle. The singer wore a fishnet stocking on his head and his microphone stand had a female mannequin torso at its base. The singer also paraded around with a mannequin head. Make of that what you will because I wasn’t sure what to make of it. The set was lacking energy and musically they were a bit boring as all their songs sounded similar to one another. Despite this they were definitely entertaining to watch and contrasted the other bands of the night. Local rockers Mother took the stage next.

Mother came out guns blazing and amps cranked for a rockin’ set. They had a couple of rough patches musically during the show but played with passion and fire. The vocals were consistently great through the performance and really shone during the show. Their staple cover of “House of the Rising Sun” was a highlight of their set and afterward they had the entire room by the balls/ovaries. They were the first of the night to provide dynamics with their set too, perfectly blending a mellow tune with high-energy to provide a dynamic show with great flow.

Ghosts of Eden was next and they had the crowd dancing and loving life during their set. These guys brought the thunder AND the lightning to the stage with catchy vocals, great energy, and a fun stage persona. These seasoned rockers are one of the bands on tour with the headliner, Eye Empire, and with good reason. They got the crowd nice and wet for the headlining band, as any good band should.

Words cannot describe- wait, that’s bullshit because this review happens to be made up of words- how awesome Eye Empire was. Professional, passionate, and aggressive was the attitude they brought to the stage. Every member not only performed to the best of his ability but also each member connected with the crowd in such a way that proved that the spirit of rock still thrives. They were beyond tight in their performance in a stage that gives many bands trouble (from technical reasons). Their energy was so intense that it made 5-Hour Energy sound like a Flintstones’ vitamin. Eye Empire proved that given a stage and some instruments a band can yield great results; the greatest of which was seeing the crowd fully commit to the music, which is why musicians do what they do. They reach an audience through expression and, in Eye Empire’s case, they made one feel like he/she was a part of the music. This is one of the greatest feats a live band can attain and Eye Empire achieved it with flying colors at Sullivan Hall.

Let’s just say the next Gotham Rocks tour has some big shoes to fill. If this is a taste of what’s to come, I’ll have another please.

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