This, my friends, is the number one song in the United States of America.     When I initially watched this music video my first reaction was, “are you serious?”  My second reaction was, “this is awesome!”  It’s blasting in the stores when I go shopping. Guys are...
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Getting A Booking Agent

This is a topic that a lot of bands continue to ask about. We dug up this video with some very on point advice.
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Bob Tulipan interview with Gotham Rocks

Rockin’ In The New World – Gotham Rocks Interview with Bob Tulipan

Bob Tulipan went from the basement to the big time along with the careers of many of the artists that he has worked with. From promoting local bands and shows at CBGBs in the 70s to producing shows all around the world with The Police, Cheap Trick, Judas Priest...

How To Get Publicity For Your Band & Tour

We have been working with and CEO, Mike Corcoran, since our very first show. He has gotten our bands countless write-ups and reviews since then. We sat down with him and asked him for some quick tips on getting PR for artists and musicians specifically. What is the...
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Books Every Artist Should Read

Here are a few books to read on your next road trip to get you take your band to the next level.
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How To Increase Draw To 100+ At Every Show

I was having lunch with Bill Klatt, a multi-platinum producer/engineer, who also manages bands and produces shows. I was asking him about going out on the road and before I even asked a question he said, “Any band that isn’t playing in front of 100+ people a night has...
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Want A Booking Agent? Here’s What They Are Looking For

This interview is with Joshua Dick of The Agency Group, one of the world’s leading booking agencies, home to 50 agents with a combined roster of over 1,000 artists. GR: How do you go about finding new talent? Josh: Generally, the days of stopping into a local club and...
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