How To Get Publicity For Your Band & Tour

We have been working with and CEO, Mike Corcoran, since our very first show. He has gotten our bands countless write-ups and reviews since then. We sat down with him and asked him for some quick tips on getting PR for artists and musicians specifically.

What is the most important thing an artist needs to make sure comes across when trying to get press coverage?
To get press coverage, you should have something going on NOW. Your CD is about to release, you’re on tour, you’ve got a big show next Friday, whatever. It’s way too hard and barely worth the effort, given all the bands out there, to simply ask a radio station or music mag “Play us, we’re great” or “Review us, we’re hot!”. Have something to talk about besides how great the music is, and you’ll probably get the attention of a few media outlets.

Think about the artists that have been most successful on What do they have in common?
With, along with other sites like ReverbNation, Music XRay, and Sonicbids, an artist still has to “work it” once the initial, base work of promotion is done. Don’t sit back after your music was submitted and wait for your song to hit the airwaves of your favorite station. The bands who have the most success with MusicSUBMIT are the ones that go through their “Campaign Reports” to see which sites they’ve been submitted to, reply to their “Accepted By” stations & blogs, and use the management tools we provide to start relationships with those sites that really dig their music.

What results can an artist expect from running a campaign? What’s realistic and what isn’t?
A good response rate from a MusicSUBMIT campaign is about 10% on 400 submissions. So a good band can get 40 “acceptances” on a 5-week, 400 submission package for a $99 investment. Of course it varies somewhat by genre, and quite a bit by band, but across the board it’s very realistic. The 1000 submissions will cover nearly everything we’ve got in your genre, but acceptance rates are a bit lower. The monthly subscription packages have higher acceptance rates, but your promo is lighter and more staggered. As far as what isn’t realistic, some bands will ask “when do i get signed”, or “can you get me on major radio with Kanye and Rhianna?” ¬†That isn’t so realistic.

What’s the most exciting thing going on with now?
We’re working on a revamped site to hopefully launch on June 1st. That’s the plan. The basic promotion service of submitting bands to radio stations and webzines will still be the main attraction, but we should have better design & layout, easier navigation, and more comprehensive follow-up tools with the new site. It will go far beyond our typicial changes and improvements we do throughout the year, so check in after Memorial Day!

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